Can you convert a HTML page to a Wordpress theme?

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asked Apr 23, 2014 in HTML and Site Design by Liza Bell
Can I use a page I designed in HTML and CSS to a Wordpress theme? is there a Wordpress theme converter to do this?

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answered Jan 26, 2016 by geoff
Yes you can use any HTML page as a WP theme but the HTML will need to be broken up into separate parts because a WP theme contains multiple files such as one of the header, one for the footer and other files for the other layout areas of a WP page.

I have not seen any software that works as a HTML to WP converter but most WP template designers should be able to do it for you and this is the way I recommend you get it done.
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answered Feb 1 by priyarana
edited Feb 3 by priyarana
Yes, you can convert the HTML and CSS to WordPress is called the integration. There is not any converter to convert the static code of HTML to WordPress theme. You can only convert the HTML into custom steps. I suggest you, Please watch the WordPress integration tutorial( It helps to convert the HTML to WordPress.
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answered Feb 12 by themextra
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