Do you think TV adverts for gambling websites should be banned?

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answered Jan 8 by arthurmattia
Online or TV advertising for any type of gambling is neither wrong or right, but I suppose the goal is to attract a certain type of player to their site, especially with free offers such as bonus funds or free spins etc. However, most sites offer something free in order to get new players, but there is usually a catch. For example, spend X amount of money and receive X amount of bonus plays or free money.

Generally, these types of offers are not necessarily “free” as there will be some sort of string attached to the offer. Also, a lot of sites today have controls that the player can set manually in order to control their spending. One major issue with some sites is the fact that they are really out to scam people. I came across and they help users to know which gambling sites are worth playing and which ones to avoid.
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