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I had sent provocative photos to someone online a while back; never got sexual with him though (oddly true). About two years ago, I met someone great, ended up falling in love with one another very easily, developed a great relationship with trust and comfort. However, I had hidden having ever done anything like that in my past. I promised I hadn't; swore on it, out of fear of judgment and/or disgust.

He found out the hard way - I was still friends with the guy I sent the pictures to, he had them saved. My boyfriend posed as me when texting that guy, asked him a series of questions which resulted in him both finding out about the pictures and seeing them. Every trust aspect we had built shattered in a matter of minutes. It was all my fault, and I know it.

A few weeks have past, and we've been trying to make it work, after a lot of talking about why I had behaved like that, what a weak decision it was to hide something like that from the start, etc. But now, when everything seems to be getting better, he remembers the incident, and questions me on other things because he's worried I lied about other things, too. I've driven him mad. The person I love most in the world, and I did this to him.

I can't figure out what to do. How to fix it, and if that's even possible.

Should I keep trying and reassuring that I will never lie again for any reason, stay friends, or not talk at all (permanently or for as long as it takes him to lose his feelings for me)?
I really need help; I'm responsible for doing all this, and I want to fix it to the best of my abilities.

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