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Nowadays, because of the popularity of social media, many people create their accounts within these sites for many reasons such as for communication and sometimes for business. Because of the flock of people in these platforms, it creates a perfect place for business marketing.

Before thinking about a marketing strategy, you must first reflect a site that is suitable for your business. For instance, if your target market is the general public, then Facebook might be the right choice. If its the millennials and the generation Z, twitter and Instagram might be a better choice. Its about locating your target market.

Once target market is located, make sure to utilize the social media site's unique attributes as an advantage in marketing your business. One strategy is joining specific groups to directly be visible to your targets. Also a scheduled posting is an effective strategy to appear regularly in your audience' newsfeed but not in an annoying way.
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Social Media Marketing strategy is a secondary step in any marketing plan where social media is included. Prior to that, what is important is to realize the importance of social media marketing.

Here’s the fact: whatever your industry, segment, and audience might be, a substantial portion of your audience exists on social media platforms. With the rise in the number of social media users, businesses have realized the importance of social media marketing. A leading market research report suggests that over 91% of marketers claimed that their social media marketing efforts help in leveraging brand presence and increases visibility.

Importance Of Social Media Marketing: Social Media has seen a sudden upsurge in this decade with Facebook being the most loved platform worldwide. There are some outstanding examples of how a brand did miracles by just making the best of social media. As a fun, easy, and interesting it may sound, running a successful campaign on social media is no cakewalk. We have listed down a few major points that talk about the importance of social media marketing in this ever phenomenal world!

1. Builds Credibility: Sit back and think of a brand that is credible. You will remember one..two..and a few more. Now focus on ‘why’ do you find them credible? What is that factor? Is it your experience over years, a recent news story on them, their CSR activities and testimonials, or their social media campaign that got your eyeballs stuck on them? Is it their Facebook wall or Instagram feed? Marketers these days are extensively using social media to establish credibility in the market. Whichever category your business falls into, you can use social media to let your brand do the talking!

2. Encourages Communication: One of the major importance of social media is that it serves as a communication portal. Modern-day customers want to have an opinion about the brand/ business they follow. They want to be heard and to be answered. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are the best way to have an open and transparent conversation. A timely contest, go-live sessions, and ‘Ask Me Anything’ features can be explored and used efficiently. This reflects the brand’s image as realistic and trustworthy too!

3. Creates Awareness: If people are not aware of your business, they cannot become your customers. Social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram allows you to create a Business profile for free. It boosts the visibility of your brand and allows your businesses’ penetration on a wider scale.

4. Enriches Relationship: As mentioned above, social media is a gateway for communications: good or bad. When your business has a social media presence, it makes it easier for your customers to establish a connection with you. By reaching out to your customers and by maintaining a consistent relationship on social media, you earn the most important thing a business needs i.e. Brand loyalty.

5. Generate Leads: Another importance of social media marketing is that it helps you drive traffic to your website hence helping you in generating more leads. By sharing informative & quality content, you are giving your potential customers one more reason to click through your website.

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