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I am 23 years old female. I look very thin. I want to gain weight? Can anyone suggest which foods should I include in my diet?

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Rice. which helps get carbs from food
Nuts and Nut Butters. good source of protein
Red Meats. (protein)
Potatoes and Starches.(carbs)
Salmon and Oily Fish..Healthy protein without increasing heat
Protein Supplements.

followed by exercise !
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junk foods - burger, pizza
and eat every thing which comes on your dining
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Dry fruits.
High-fat dairy products.
Extra virgin olive oil.
Dark chocolates, etc.
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Are dropping pounds for no clear reason. If you get the green light that you need to eat more, here’s what nutritionists recommend for gaining weight.
- Potatoes- Dried fruit
- Avocados
- Bananas
- Peanut
- Butter Cheese
- Fruit juice
- Peanuts
- Smoothies
- Trail mix
- Whole-milk Greek yogurt
- Beef

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