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Okay so my ex girlfriend and I broke up this past june. We had a great relationship, had a few fights here and there but overall it was a great relationship that lasted almost a year. She broke up with me because she liked another guy and started dating him. They are broken up now. Since our break up I haven't talked to her at all, no texts, calls, social media, nothing. We have seen each other a few times, but I'm in college and she is in high school. First I thought i was better without her, but recently I've been thinking about her and want to talk to her to see if things could maybe start up again. I've  talked to other girls and I am not interested. I want to try and get back with my ex. What should I do?

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Improve yourself physically and mentally. Eat right, exercise, keep away from cigarettes and use one of those penis health cremes in order to keep your penis extra clean, functional and smooth. When she sees that you are in a much better place she will want you back for sure. Hope this helps and good luck!

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