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So my boyfriend and I have been together for a very long time and we are very much in love. However, there has always been one issue. His best friend is an old ex girlfriend. Before my boyfriend and I got together, we were really good friends. I knew about her, but one day when we were discussing love interests, he mentioned to me that he still had feelings for her. They dated 7 years ago. That's a long time to keep feelings for someone. So flash forward to when we started talking about the two of us dating, and I brought it up. Y'know "what about her. You still like her." And instead of saying something bullshit to try and impress me, he was honest and told me that "the only way they could ever be together is if it was mutual and it's not." I just got out of a bad relationship and the relationship he had before me ended because he almost cheated. So I feel my fears are justified. But now I think I may have ruined their friendship forever because  he told her that I was uncomfortable with the two of them hanging out together, and talking to each other all the time. I never meant for that to happen, and at first I felt guilty. Until I found out that she was saying horrible things about me without even trying to understand my standpoint. I to him that I was trying to get over these fears, and that I wasn't sure it would ever happen, but that at least I was trying. But now I don't feel guilt. I feel anger. Toward her. And now I feel guilty because I don't feel guilty. Does this make me crazy or am I at least justified?

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Moving from one relationship to another is always hard and emotionally challenging but what is important is your current relationship and moving forward with that. Your fears are natural but don't let them destroy the happy times you can have with your guy now. If you are both serious and are willing to work at this relationship then you will become happy and more confident and issues from the past will become less relevant.

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