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I cant write what happened because its too long so short story.
I ended up falling in love with this girl back in 2012.
She liked me too but I guess I must have took to long asking her out so she got bored with me.
There were times I allegedly creeped her out and I admit I was kind of a dick by being sarcastic a lot but I would never want to do anything to hurt her or make her feel uncomfortable.
I've tried apologising and everything, I even got her something for Christmas this year.
When I see her at college it feels like my heart is being electrocuted and its really hard for me to talk, I'm extremely nervous and talk stiff and start shaking.
For two years I've been missing her, she lives in the same town but our minds are far apart.
I think about her every day for two years, I think of her to go to sleep, I use her as motivation but I get really depressed thinking of her and then I feel sic because I'm thinking of her.
I write blogs and songs about her, and now I'm starting to think if I do love her or if I've just got a problem?

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You might love her. Maybe you should tell her that and be nice to her. This is the way to a woman's heart. And make sure you maintain proper hygiene.. women love this too. Shower daily and use one of those penis health cremes they have on the market nowadays. It will keep your penis-area extra clean so you will be prepared if you become intimate. Women really appreciate this. Good luck to you.

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