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Worrying is now the only think i do, i dont have the class for a long while yet its all im thinking about and its taking up my time that i could be learning new things. Ive gone through a lot lately and im going to court soon, so i changed classes to hope to get into a better class where i would feel a lot better, although the teacher hates me and makes me do other tasks in front of the class that no one else has to do. She also seperates me from my friends and makes me write journals on every lesson. She never smiles towards me and always treats me like shit, i cant change my class again and i have to complete 100 hours within this year. It may not seem like much but to me its a lifetime. I have many panic attacks because im afraid of what she will make me do now and how she will make me feel. And the extra tasks she pushes on to me stress me out. It is a drama class and its my first year so im just beginning to grasp the change, and she isnt making it any easier

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Hmm, I do belive  the answer is clear as day on this one. You know, I spend alot of time listening and giving answers about the school society, and there are some things I've noticed. First of all, a childs parents seem to always believe their child blindly enough to accuse any teacher; children seem to over exaggerate in home situations.

This usually ends up to either 1) Insults on the teacher 2) Bad rumours on the teacher 3) Court case on the teacher 4) The student is tranferred into some other class and is looked as an "exception", even though this happens often. 5) Principal + teacher + child's family meeting. All of these situations are ridiculous. I truly hate the current school society, it is too laid back and the students seem to be treated as royalty.

My answer to you: "If you are going to court because of the teacher, get a grip. You need to understand that it is not the teacher that is mocking you; it is you. Oh, it is not the teacher who is making you do badly at studying either, y'know? Have you thought about the reasons for the journals? It is so you could learn something. ["Separates from my friends"] C'mon, you can't manipulate text here. Maybe she makes you sit elsewhere for a reason; like maybe you are very loud and disturbing the class?"

Oh I remember my days as a student, I actually did have a real teacher issue, but I handled it in a good manner. I talked to [him/her] and told her that I think her actions were unfair towards me and I requested the person to not repeat such actions and apologise. <== This is something you do if you ARE 100% in the right. You do not go further from here. Especially not into court...

What is the best thing you should do? Well, I believe you should be a model student and do twice the assignments and be active. You will show a wide smile every day and achieve [his/her] trust.

Matthew 7:12
So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

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