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lately I've been noticing a lot more women look at me than usual. I don't consider my self as being that attractive, and I'm shy around women (especially women I don't know).

But on occasion I would find my self accidentally locking my eyes with another women. Any or all of these is what sometimes happens: gasps or breathes deeply; gets surprised and quickly looks away; smiles; slowly pulls her head back and closes her eyes; runes her fingers through her hair; rubs her chest; rubs her arms; fidgets on her chair; keeps looking back; stares; points me out to her friend; and other things that I don't notice. The last time this happened the girl started taking pictures.

I'm not saying this happens to all women but it does happen often. It also happens a lot more often when i feel my face is burning up (when you eat something spicy or when you blush) my face turns red and my checks puff up a little.

The problem is I actually don't like it, it makes me uncomfortable, and i don't know what to do (I'm usually too shy to do anything). It gets worse when I smile back. most of them are too old to date (I'm only 19 but I've been told i look much older). I don't want to talk about this to my friends because it would be such an awkward conversation. so what do i do if this happens again?

I've also noticed a lot of gay guys also trying to talk me up or stare at me. I've also noticed that my friends try really hard not to look at me for too long.

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