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Last year I came to a new school and before the school year started me and my twin sister met a really nice girl (Anna)  and she told us to stay away from a girl (her name is Julia) because she was mean. Then when the school year started I didn't have any friends and Julia was acting really nice and funny so I became friends with her and we have been best friends ever since. But soon she started acting kinda weird and telling me that I shouldn't play with the other girls at recess, but instead we would just walk around talking. It was fun but it was only me, her and another girl (Kelly). Occasionally I would play with everyone else but then she would get mad at me. Also she would get especially mad if I played with Anna. Throughout the year she became meaner and meaner and she's always calling me fat, ugly, stupid, and more. She's always embarrassing me and sometimes she even hurts me. Lots of times when I talk or make a joke she just randomly punches me or pinches me (rlly hard) out of nowhere. She's been really unpleasant to be around. I feel like I can't even trust her. She's always judging people behind their backs and who knows what she saying behind mine. Also, sometimes she randomly hugs me or something and says "wow you are such a great friend ur my bestie " and it's really weird because she says it really dramatically and it's really embarrassing especially when Im near my crush. All of the boys also hate her bc she's annoying/mean to them. It embarrasses me because I think they think that I'm just like her and they don't like me. I can't trust her with my crush because she absolutely HATES him. Also the rest of the girls don't like her either bc she's really dramatic. She's always crying or fighting with people in the locker room for the littlest things. After gym class if the other team wins she starts crying and yelling at the people that were on the other team and telling them that they cheated or something. Then everybody ends up "comforting" her for a long time and the gym teacher yells at us for taking too long in the locker room. She's also always crying about when people "leave her out" for example her and a girl in our grade named Jessie made up an island called jesslandia and Julia helped with the design. When Jessie told other people they could join, Julia got really mad because she wanted it to just be her and Jessie. Then julia walked away and cried and told everyone that she was being left out. Then Kelly tried to comfort her (Kelly also was starting to get annoyed with her) and Julia pushed her away and then started crying again saying that she had no friends even when other people were trying to get her to stop crying and come join the game. Eventually we all just stopped playing the game because Julia was ruining it by crying. She also always gets me in trouble. One time she threw a bunch of paper at me during class and they all fell to the ground and the teacher yelled at ME and made ME pick them up. Also a girl named Jenny is coming to our school next year and whenever somebody mentions her name Julia says to me "OMG I love Jenny we are best friends she lives near me and I go to her house all the time." She lies a lot too. She made everyone feel bad for her by telling them that she was having a really tough time at home, and that her parents were going to get divorced but they didn't because there family is having a problem with money. We all know she was lying bc she's always exaggerates EVERYTHING and also if her family had a problem with money she wouldn't go to a private school, own a boat, or go to NYC literally every weekend. And I've been to her house and it's a pretty big house with expensive-looking furniture. Also she always tries to take things from me. During spirit week there was one day where you dressed up in ur pjs and I wore a rlly soft bathrobe she tried to take it from me and said her family didn't have enough money to buy a bathrobe. And at a special event at the end of the year she tried to take my bag and switch it out with hers because she thought it looked better. When I didn't let her have it she got mad at me. Now it's summer vacation and we did a camp together ands he got mad at me when I made new friends at camp. Also, jessie invited me to go to Jamaica this summer and I'm going next week. I know that Julia will be soooooo mad at me and I kinda hope she stops being friends with me bc recently I've been hanging out with Jessie instead of her and I'm having so much fun. Next year me and Julia are probably gunna be in the same class (there are only two classes in the grade) and I don't know How to end the friendship without her getting mad at me and throwing a fit! Please help me!!

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There is no way to end the relationship and for her to not become mad. I would suggest that you end it because she is mean either way. The sooner you take her out of your life the sooner you can move on with yours.

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