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The Little Lion – Shihtzu

Shihtzu is a dog’s breed whose origin is in China. These dogs are very friendly and they do not harm their masters. They have long hairy body and have locks. With his friendly nature Shihtzu attracts and melt hearts of many people. They are soft and can be used as pillows. It is really hard to ignore this dog even for other breed as he loves to make new friends. Chrysanthemum Dog is name given to this dog describing his facial hair.

Some characteristics of Shihtzu are:

He easily adapts the apartment living, understands owners voice, sensitivity level is not an issue and he can live in hot weather.
He easily gets attached to family, kids, strangers and even dogs. This means he loves meeting new people.
If Shihtzu gets training he will soon be intelligent as he is easy to train. He doesn’t bark or howl seeing people after getting trained or knowing them.

more details http://www.everyonelovesdogs.com/the-little-lion-shihtzu/

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