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I, as an Autistic 14 year old girl, am confused.

First of all, I am not  special  in any way, just at a mild spectrum. I do not gurgle, I do not throw tantrums. I actually tend to frown upon that.

Second, when I see someone else ask their question to their acquaintance, I hear them get an answer like "Do it yourself," or "You're an idiot." However, when I ask a question to my acquaintance, they politely help me.

When I cry, they comfort me, while when others cry, they get laughed at.

Keep in mind, I'm not smart, pretty, or talented in any way (well I do draw, but pretty much it).

However, when I try to hang out with people, they push me away with horror on their faces.

If they don't wanna be friends with me, why they being so nice in the first place?

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Sounds like people find you hard to relate to you. Don't take it too personal...you're doing nothing wrong.
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