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A part of my headphones are snapped. I don't know what happened. My roommate doesn't know what happened. It seems that the snap in the headphone would have clearly caused a noise.

I was talking to my roommate over the phone and they had said, "x". I told them that would not be right. They asked me what I was talking about. I told them what they said and that it wasn't right. They told me that was not what they said. I told them no that is what they said and to this day doesn't admit it. I was sure they said "x".

One day I had lost my Wallet. I looked all over for it and thought I had left my wallet in their car. I asked them to look for it. They reported back to me saying they didn't find it. Later I had taken a ride with them and they had conveniently asked me to look again in their car. Sure enough I found it but I didn't tell them that and the looked confused.

Later I confronted them about it and they treated my like I was crazy for thinking that they were involved in it. Saying that I thought poorly of them. All is I want is the truth. I like this roommate a lot. I don't want to leave them. Can someone help?

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