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I dated a guy for 3 years . Initially he was very nice but then he didnt have time dor me in the end. So i ended my relation for him. Then i dated another guy. I brokeup with him because of some issues and went back to the first guy. But again i am facing the same problem. We talk for 5 min a day. He has no time. Should i walk out of the relation ?

P.s - he is a very nice guy. He has always been for me when i was in trouble no matter we were in relation or not. The only problem is he has no time for me which makes me feel sad . I really try to adjust but then i end up feeling he doesnt love me now everyday.

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Hello, Sanya!
According to me, you should continue your relationship with him. If he is a nice guy, respects you and loves you, then you leave him for the reason that he had no time for you. Maybe, he has lot of work in his office. But, instead of thinking about breakup you should talk to him, ask him to give you some time. I guaranteed if he loves you truly, he will try his best to give some time to you.
Always try to remain positive in every situation then everything will get fine automatically.

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