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So I had this really wired dream where this person was trying to kill he haf a knife me and like i hide in his place and this guy also lives in his house he was like his servant or something and he like sees me and I beg him not to tell him that i was hiding in his house and then he the guy the servant sees  me and i don't remember what happend after that  but I remember after that I was like in this tunel kind where the water was like purple and pink mixed then like their was a panda bear then I pick him and stuff and I take him with me then the men who was trying to kill me comes again running with a knife  and the boy the servant comes and runs with me, away from the killer in was still holding the panda bear that i found on the tunel wierd right, does anyone know

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Interesting dream. What is the question?  Did you run out of allowed characters you can type before you finished asking?
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Just Amazing , really Common Dream , i have seen that idea before,

Thanks , :)
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