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English isn't a very difficult language to speak, as most people believe. It’s cool language where you can use in friendly and professional way.

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Yeah, I absolutely agree with you.
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You can't learn English in a short time. .
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It's one of the most common questions when learning another language.
People want to have results as soon as possible. But it depends on what English level would you like to obtain.

It is hard but in order to accomplish the maximum result possible in a limited time period you have to at least practice 4 the most important skills:

 1. Grammar          - visit good English tutor (by good I mean native                   
                                 speaker or at least a person with a minimum C1  
                                 level and experience in teaching adults, not kids).                
                                 You'll have a better understanding of what is your    
                                 weaknesses and strengths and what should be  
                               - read grammar books with exercises, so you'll have a     
                                 better understanding.
2. Listening           - watch tv-shows (don't have time? watch youtube      
                                 videos in English);
                               - listen to music, (in case you understood only a few   
                                 words from the whole song, next time read lyrics
                                 and listen while reading. So you'll practice not                     
                                 only listening  but and reading skills.
3. Reading              - read different articles, news, books, so you'll see     
                                 how the different words are used in the sentences  
                                 and try to understand the context when not                 
                                 knowing a few words;
                               - read, read, read and one more time read!! (by  
                                 reading you'll also increase your vocabulary).
4. Speaking. I'll divide it into 2 parts:
    4.1 Vocabulary.- try to learn as many words,  irregular verbs as  
                                 possible, and not only words but phrasal verbs,  
                                 idioms, the most commonly used phrases, patterns,        
                                 and collocations;
                               - retelling is also a very effective way to boost your  
    4.2 Practice English on an everyday basis, you can use different   
          English-speaking platforms and apps to chat with native           

Do not be afraid to speak, ask, and make mistakes cause practice is one of the major moment while learning.
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Yes, the language is not that difficult but for a good knowledge you need to get proper trained with proper Grammar. I guess online classes would help you too. In short period its difficult, but also depends on how much time do you input.
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