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I know this real nice girl, who was a love interest at first, but now we are just friends, and she knows that I used to like her. Today I was with someone I cared about, then my friend said that I act mean to her when she is around, (Which I really don't) and then she started ignoring me. I don't know what to do, I tried talking to her, but when I do, she ignores me and makes this real devilish smile. I really hope she is joking, but it really seems like it isn't. How do I get her to talk to me again, in any way? I'm up for doing about ANYTHING. You are probably asking why do you need to have her as a friend? Most of her friends are mine as well, so if I lose her as a friend, the others will ignore me too. I'm not Friend Hungry or anything, but I just really cherish the subject of 'friend'.

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Forget her and move on :) Don't waste your time on people who don't want your time anyway.

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