What are the best ways to generate life insurance leads in 2021?

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There are hundreds of lead generation strategies that you can implement. Some will be suitable for your business, and some won’t be. Check out these 9 strategies that you can use to generate insurance leads in 2021 and beyond: • Your Website Is Your Headquarters: Today, most of your leads will come from the internet. Therefore, treat your website like your headquarters. Try to provide value. Your website will work hand-in-hand with other lead generation strategies by converting visitors into potential leads. Therefore, make sure it is attractive, informative, and easy to navigate. • Get Listed on Reputable Review Sites: After creating a great website that speaks for itself, get your business listed on reputable review websites. By getting listed on a trusted review site, you improve the credibility to your brand. • Provide Valuable Content: Providing quality content is vital to the success of any business with an online presence. As an online insurance agency, providing informative content can help to engage prospective leads and show them why they need to do business with you. • Integrate Lead Magnets: Online visitors never stay too long on a page, unless it’s worth it. One of the ways of doing this is by using lead magnets. Lead magnets prompt visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for something valuable. Examples of lead magnets include courses, webinars, reports, VIP offers to exclusive events, and other content items with manifest value. • Interactive Widgets: According to research, 70% of customers prefer using a company’s website to get answers of their questions. Therefore, consider having interactive widgets on your website that prompt visitors to help themselves. • Networking: Networking is still vital to business success. Join networking groups on social media platforms and socialize with other professionals to exchange insight and open your business to new opportunities. • New and Old School Adverts: Online marketing has limitless potential for generating leads. However, when it comes to the insurance industry, which mostly serves a demographic that is not internet-oriented, you also need to consider offline marketing methods that may include newspaper ads, radio ads, TV ads, and billboards. • Effective Customer Support: Excellent customer support can help generate leads in various ways. • Purchase Ready Leads: Buying insurance leads is not a bad idea, especially if you are starting out. By purchasing, you will get instant leads without a hassle while you are building your lead generation strategies. Companies like Prospects For Agents will sell you leads that you can follow up on. For an insurance agency to be successful, it requires constant influx of leads. Establishing an online presence is the best way of generating qualified leads.

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