Give some advantages and disadvantages of RCM Bangalore?

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Regional College of Management, Bangalore, or what is popularly known as RCM Bangalore or RCMB, is considered a marvelous college for Post-Graduate Diploma (PGDM) or Master of Business Administration (MBA). People who have completed their MBA from the Regional College of Management, Bangalore, have stated that perhaps they had made the best choice in their life by deciding to complete their MBA degree from RCMB. The staff is said to be absolutely brilliant and highly qualified. It is the fifth-ranked college in Bangalore, South India. Among the management colleges, it has a grading of A+++. This is a pure management college with thirty-seven years of experience only in management. RCMB has wonderful global standard education. It also has various skill development programs that make it unique. Even the college campus environment provides a kind of serenity to the students, which is necessary to create a good study environment. The location of the college is also very convenient. It is at Mudugurki, Devanahalli, in Bangalore, Karnataka. The location is quiet at a distance from the congested areas of Bangalore city. It is beside National Highway and is nearest to Bangalore International Airport. The college is around thirty-five minutes from Bangalore city mainly by bus or a car and is around twelve to fifteen minutes from the airport by car. With its wide and vast greenery range, the campus provides a very tranquil and wonderful environment for studying. Because of the college campus’s pleasant location, it is easy for international faculties to come to the campus for various skill development programs, seminars, etc. It is also easy for Multinational Corporation Companies to come to this campus for various programs, seminars, interviews, etc. Now, if we talk about the disadvantages, there are none of them. As an educational institution, the Regional College of Management, Bangalore, is one of the best. So, if you consider education, you would not find Regional College of Management, Bangalore, disadvantageous. But yes, Bangalore is a very costly place to live expenses, and yes, the college fee is very high. For some people, that is disadvantageous for sure, but for others, the high college fee and living expenses are worth studying in one of the best colleges.

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As per statistics and student reviews, the Regional College of Management, Bangalore, is one of India’s best management colleges. It is ranked in fifth place and graded at A+++ among the colleges of Bangalore and South India. This college is an AICTE approved college. AICTE is the abbreviation for All India Council for Technical Education. Along with being AICTE approved, the Regional College of Management, Bangalore is also affiliated with Bangalore University. This college also got ACBSP-Global business accreditation. This accreditation shows the excellent quality of the programs offered by this college. Along with being such a highly rated and coveted college, RCMB is also offering the following facilities:- ● It offers dual MBA regular full-time degree from Bangalore University, and PGDM AICTE approved regular full-time diploma. ● Along with the degrees, this college also offers three international certificates, such as French and Switzerland boot camp skill development training programs. Other than these, the college also offers certifications for global business exposure. ● The college includes faculties from IIMs and IITs backgrounds. RCMB also has different, well-experienced, industrial faculties. ● Besides faculties from their own country, the Regional College of Management, Bangalore, also has faculties abroad. The international faculty comprises faculties from Harvard University, MIT, NTU, Singapore universities, Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden, Tanzania, Paris, etc. These international faculties have excellent industrial and academic experiences. ● Faculty facilities aside, this college has wonderful campus facilities such as an excellent library with abundant study materials. Apart from that, there is also a good computer lab facility. ● Uniform is provided to students, which includes a blazer and a tie along with the basic uniform. ● International study trips are organized in South East Asia for every student. ● Students get a tremendous amount of industrial exposure to industries like KPMG, ISRO, SEBI, Toyota, Infosys, and many more Multinational Corporation Companies. ● These exposures are around sixty percent practical and forty percent theoretical. ● There are pre-placement training programs such as soft skills and communication skills development. ● The college conducts big data analytics, business analytics, skill development programs, and certifications for every student. ● Other than all these amazing facilities, this college also offers scholarships for deserving students. So, that sounds like a top-notch college, doesn’t it? You would not find any disadvantages of studying in this college unless you consider the cost of staying in Bangalore to be a disadvantage. But even then, the expenses are worth it.

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