I am a big believer in weight loss. I believe that, if you are willing to put in the hard work and make the changes that are necessary for you to achieve your goals, then you can accomplish anything. That's why I wanted to share my tips for success with you. More Info: https://www.prestonwitt.com/ 1. Drink water before meals, not after. You should be drinking water all day long, but especially before meals when your body is hungry and dehydrated. This helps fill you up and avoid over-eating or snacking later on. 2. Cut out sugar from your diet as much as possible. The more sweet things you eat, the less sensitive your taste buds become to sugar—so when you eat something that has a little sugar, it tastes really sweet to you! And if you don't have any sugar in your diet at all, then when something is sweet it will taste super sweet! This will help keep you from eating too many things that aren't good for your health and can pack on the pounds! 3. Make sure to get enough sleep each night... not just because you need energy to get through the day, but because lack of sleep actually causes your body to store fat! If you're going without enough rest, then your body thinks

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