Is solar energy actually economically viable?

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Solar energy isn't only economically viable, it's the dominant form of energy used on this planet! Generating solar electricity is no longer the exclusive domain of huge corporations. As the solar energy price is beginning to settle at a price average home owners can afford, it is rapidly gaining in popularity. As long as you combine smart energy efficiency with the right storage system, a residential solar system can indeed be considered a competitively priced energy alternative. Until quite recently solar energy was something that only companies and wealthy associations could afford. More than anything else these installations where perhaps used as a sign of goodwill and environmental consciousness. All the same, the overall price level has now come to a level where it is actually becoming an economically viable option to the average home owner. Those who live in a flat are an exception of course, as implementing alternative energy in such a setting is up to those who own the building, and may be impractical in the first place. Reduce your electricity cost with solar power systems offered by SunEdison best solar company in India that provide customized solar rooftop panels & solutions as per your home, office and business requirements.

Solar power will become a viable alternative to fossil fuels – ahead of coal, hydro and nuclear – within a decade, says the International Energy Agency. ... These lower costs will be magnified by rising prices for carbon-based fuels. “The take-off is around 2025 to 2030,” the agency said.what is laser genesis treatment

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