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What is the best voice recognition software to use for speech-to-text?

My brother is looking to start diagnostic center and searching for medical software to ease his reporting work.
Category: Technology is one of the best voice recognition software which have been introduced by Scribetech Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd. in hospitals and clinics. Augnito software easily pick up words as and when being dictated and get typed on the software, generating a report. Suits every medical department, Updated vocabulary and Immediate help for doctors are the key specifications of this software.

These are a few Softwares: Zubtitle, Happyscribe, Verbio Speech Recognition, Dragon Naturally Speaking... Dragon Naturally Speaking allows you to put your voice to create emails, reports, forms, and more. It is a next-generation speech engine that transcribes the speech faster and more accurately in less time. This software product is available for Windows and Mac platform. For software requirement, Visit the website:


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